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Artist Bio

The images throughout McLane’s work reference in part her California surroundings and her travels which serve as a point of reference and as a landscape for the recontextualized. Here, divergent elements are found protruding from the mundane as if spectacular anomalies generated by the subconscious, disparate against their surroundings, though subtly integrated. There are times when the apocalyptic presents itself in McLane’s work, but does not seem definite or completely terminal by any means. Instead, it points toward a notion of an ongoing recycling of history and the speculation of its origin or destination.

McLane’s paintings retain the directness and obsessive quality of her drawings, as the more detailed portions have the same level of complexity but on a larger scale. A multi-layered process of image making is apparent in what appears an endless reworking of minutiae through addition and negation.

Kelly McLane was born in 1968. She now lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. (bio)

Kelly McLane at CRG Gallery

Kelly McLane at Angles Gallery

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