Kathryn Gohmert

Hustle (Red) I and II
, 2013, 80 x 120 cm

Not Going to Make It. 2010, mixed media, 100 x 60 cm

Artist Statement

I believe that quality exists in a piece before I begin to work on it, and my role is to uncover it on canvas. I strive for quality rather than beauty, because I believe it is much more powerful: whereas beauty is subjective, quality is universally recognized. I believe that we, as human beings, have an ability to recognize quality when it is before us in the same way we recognize the truth when it is spoken.

Because finding the simplest way to explain a concept or idea is the clearest sign of its understanding (in both language and art), this is my other goal as an artist and the reason I prefer using large brushes in my 2D work: if everything is in its right place, then this can be much more effective than enormous amounts of detail.

My work has recently expanded to incorporate the use of site-specific installations, sound instruments, interactive machines, sculpture, and performance to initiate moments of connection and interaction in public and private spaces.

Artist Bio

Kathryn Gohmert [U.S.A.] is a multidisciplinary artist working in the fields of installation, performance, and interactive sculpture, as well as mixed media. Her work primarily focuses on initiating interaction between participants, surroundings, and occasionally wildlife in both rural and urban settings, by means of the best-suited medium. She received a Master of Fine Arts in Public Art and New Artistic Strategies from Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in 2019 and a bachelor’s in Studio Art from University of Texas in 2007. While based in Shanghai from 2008 to 2013 Gohmert worked in a succession of studio/project spaces throughout China including former 696 Weihai Lu community and M50 in Shanghai and Songzhuang artist village in Beijing. Her practice is currently divided between Germany, China and the U.S.

Kathryn Gohmert’s Website

3 responses to “Kathryn Gohmert”

  1. Manuel Olmo says:

    Beautiful work and artist comment!

  2. KC says:

    The images, text, colors and sewing, meld into each other in a beautiful chaos; especially loved: “Not Going to Make It” and “Just Like a Tree”.

  3. J.E.Y says:

    great! i really love it

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