Julio Velasco

Hard life II 2011

El México de los Mexicanos 2009

Reflejos 2011

Uncertainty II 2011

Huellos 2011

Cooking gorditas 2009

Nocturna 2008

Praying for Work 2008

Artist statement

I started in photography by accident. About twenty two years ago I started reading the manuals and became passionate about it. I haven’t taken any lessons, so I consider myself as a self-taught person. This journey has been long and very exciting, I have slowly discovered about color, composition, shades, light and all the elements of photography. I’ve been taking photographs for 20 years. During the mid 90´s I participated in several photo contests, collective expositions and individual expositions. I was fortunate to receive several awards and I have been invited in my community to give lectures about photography and participate as judge in some contests. The awards I received varied from money, lenses, cameras, trips, a car, etc and some other didn’t have monetary value but the recognition of my work made me very proud. In those days, photography was a very important part of my life, although I never dedicated professionally to it, all my free time was dedicated to this beautiful hobby. In 1998, while traveling my camera case was stolen. This was devastating! My camera, all the lenses, flashes, tripod, everything, everything was stolen! All the equipment that I had been accumulating for years ! Then I started to buy the equipment again, but I was very depressed and my willingness to take pictures was gone. For about 6 years I quit taking pictures, and at the same time technology changed and the way of taking pictures also changed. For my birthday, my family gave me a digital camera. I regained the passion for photography ! I spend as much time as I can taking pictures, learning photoshop, reading, etc It is a wonderful hobby and I only wish I could have more time.

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  1. Zlatkidion says:

    extremely beautiful work, 101 stars

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