Johanna DeGerlia

abiquiu , 2008

barn and dust devil, 2010

untitled, 2008

tornado-oil rig. 2009

sacred cathedrals. 2009

sun dresses, 2010

untitled, 2011

untitled, 2010


About Johanna DeGerlia

Johanna is a photographer/artist raised in rural upstate New York, now living in Denver and southern Colorado.  She has lived in and extensively traveled through the Americas.

Artist’s Statement

For me, photography is as much about desire as it is about memory….  My photos tell you more about me than anything I could say here. I like to view things askance as in averted vision. I consider myself an artist rather than a photographer but I have had to learn cameras as a means to an end – the cameras have taught me to see in new ways. I like imagery that I can hear: thick heels on an old hardwood floor or tiny, rhythmic clicking sounds of old time machinery and camera shutters and heavy old buildings of the early 20th century like the libraries and schools with enormous double hung windows I grew up with in rural upstate New York. I prefer ambient light coming and going – I rarely use flash.

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5 responses to “Johanna DeGerlia”

  1. Manuel Olmo says:

    Love the darkness and textures, great artist!

  2. Susan Hayek Kent says:

    this is a beautiful selection of photo, jodi.

  3. Bob Merco says:

    Even though I have yet to meet Jodi, I consider her a friend and gifted artist. Her work has inspired me in many ways. I follow her extensively on Flickr .

  4. Chiarina says:

    Inspiring work. Love the texture and vision.

  5. An amazing artist and photographer. A sense of texture, light, shadow and subtle colors make her photos come alive! Such a beautiful woman and friend!

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