Jeremy Dickinson

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Jeremy Dickinson’s new work continues to focus on his passion for transportation, whether it is the small paintings of toy buses in miniature junkyards, or larger scale works where whole collections of vehicles are sorted into groups according to, for example, country of origin or colour. Meticulously painted, they lovingly depict their subject matter with a collector’s obsessive gaze. Many of the vehicles are his from childhood, these being identifiable by a painted green ‘J’ on their underside. Others have come to his collection later, but these also show much evidence of play – their anonymous history is an important part of the reason for their inclusion. Other objects often appear with the vehicles, taking on the role of makeshift street furniture. Souvenirs from family holidays, old toy building blocks and scenic accessories from Dickinson’s long dismantled model railway layout are all used. For some years, he has also been working on the ‘Civic Pride’ series of paintings, which depict British city buses. The sources for the these paintings are photographs taken by unknown bus enthusiasts, bought at rallies and flea markets around the country. (New British Artists)

Jeremy Dickinson at Angles Gallery

Jeremy Dickinson on Artnet

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  1. Susanne Haun says:

    I like the way to display the cars.It seems that Jeremy Dickinson paint with the cars. Very interesting!

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