Jeremiah Maddock

From Interview:

Can you tell me a little bit about how you sell your work…I hear you set up a suitcase, is this true?

No, I don’t set up a suitcase. For a 6 month run my wife and son went on tour with her band Sleeping People. With no responsibility and very little money I decided to see how long I could live on house sitting gigs and couch surfing. So I carried my studio on my back. During the day time I would draw in the hall of this cafe, and at night I had bars I liked because the bartenders would trade me drinks for napkins and or place mats. There were a of couple restaurants that would trade my bill for a place mat. I had never been in public making my pictures before and loved meeting interesting and very kind peoples. I had never been very social up until that point. Anyhow the suitcase…people started wanting to know what was inside and I would show them, sometimes I would sell stuff in a restaurant or bar to a stranger, believe it or not at a fair price as well. When I was doing a commission for Faile, I went out to smoke a cigarette and had left my backpack open…when I came back inside all of my drawings were up on a table and people asked to purchase a few. …and later asked for more.

Now I have a home, I still have a backpack full of drawings but the suitcase now is seldom necessary.  -My Love For You is a Stampede of Horses, Dec. 27,2007 (read more)

Jeremiah Maddock at Anno Domini Gallery

Jeremiah Maddock on ArtSlant

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