Jeannie Phan

Fall of the Traveler, acrylic gouache 

Hibernation, acrylic gauache

Loose Eyes, acrylic gouache

Suburban Dreaming, acrylic gauache

Army of Me, acrylic gouache

Paradise Support Group, acrylic gouache

Sisters, acrylic gouache

Cynical Investigator, acrylic gouache

Eruption of Mass

Interstellar Dust

About The Artist

Jeannie Phan is an internationally published illustrator based in the lovely city of Toronto, Canada.

Artist Statement

I work in acrylic gouache and ink to create surreal-like images with an urban twist.

When I’m not drawing, I’m busy creating zines, doodling comics or delving into the pits of web coding and video games.

Jeannie Phan’s Website

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