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About the Artist

Jazmín Berakha lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Her work encompasses a wide range of media that includes traditional crafts, as well as music and film. The artist works in needlepoint (a medium historically dominated by women, and not always by choice) as an entry to investigate modern images of modern women. Her work explores the possibilities of textiles in contemporary art. Her investigation and research into textiles, prints and patterns and fabric within fabrics, is an endless source of inspiration.

Ms. Berakha’s meditative sewing process embraces aspects of domesticity with a consciousness of place and time. Embroidery requires much concentration and patience, and in the artists words “there is no place to hurry”.

The subjects in these portraits, at times, have their faces covered, their bodies half-clothed, holding what resembles prayer beads, in a frozen moment of unexplained contemplation. Other imagery includes synchronized swimmers, a figure being held aloft by birds and various girls kneeling. All of the life in these works are either engaged by their focus or contained, held in place by the threads themselves. Through the use of this simple media, Ms. Berakha presents the complexity of life, and by extension, its beauty.

Jazmín Berakha’s Website

JazmÍn Berakha at Heskin Contemporary

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