Janet Bloch

Artist Statement

This body of work is meant to convey the play of energy generated between the industrial and natural elements of the landscape. I behold and appreciate the industrial for its atypical beauty while aware of its implications on nature. Power lines that come in an assortment of configurations remind me of stoic totem poles, carnival rides and human personalities. These structures rise up from the landscape next to sand dunes, blue heron and the lake.

Mingling reality and whimsy, I create my own narratives and symbolize unseen forces such as electrical power and genetics with swirling paint. The paint swirling is an inherently spontaneous process that I then subvert by laying down rigorous, industrial forms to give the painting structure. I end by pouring paint on plastic sheets in amorphous shapes and then apply them to my panel. With these methods I intend to engineer optimistic landscapes where industry, nature and fictitious species happily coexist.

Janet Bloch at the Linda Warren Gallery

Janet Bloch at Woman Made Gallery

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