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From Interview:

You have a unique style in your characters, color, and line. How would you describe it?

Hmmmm. Well it’s hard to say, especially because I’m just starting to feel like I’m figuring things out. My line work definitely has a lot of that street art and comic book influence in it, which is something that I probably couldn’t shake off if I wanted to. But there’s more and more of a natural feel making its way into my illustrations lately which I think is usually shown in the earthy colors and strange subjects.

Do you sketch a lot?

On and off. I haven’t sketched in months because of tour, but I usually sketch tons. I used to “draw” a lot more, where as now I mostly just sketch out really rough forms and then ink them or turn them into color illustrations. I’d really like to brush up on my sketching skills a lot though. (Examiner)

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