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About Jacqueline Mair’s Work

Jacqueline works in a variety of media, but mainly on paper. Most of her illustration work is a mix of painting, print, and collage. The work is usually built up in layers, which gives depth and detail to the finished image. (read more)

Artist Bio

Jacqueline Mair studied fine art at Bristol Polytechnic and took her M.A. in printmaking at the Royal College of Art, London. Over the last decade she has combined lecturing at various art colleges with her work as an artist. Her work has been exhibited on three continents. She lives on the south coast of England with her daughter. (bio)

Jacqueline Mair on Central Illustration Agency

Jacqueline Mair’s Website

3 responses to “Jacqueline Mair”

  1. KC says:

    Love the layered, mixed media art work by Jacqueline Mair.

  2. Susanne says:

    Hi Jacqui,

    Enjoyed seeing your new creations!!!

    Susanne S. from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  3. Jhmair says:

    hi Susanne
    Thank you have felt much more creative and am going to teach in Savannah ! georgia usa for one year my goodness I cannot believe i am doing this !!!
    my daughter found me the job! hope alls well with you please keep in touch

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