Isabelle Cochereau

Isabelle Cochereau’s self-portrait series entitled “SELF,” includes 17 collages created between 2008 and 2009. The city of Montreuil, France chose the self-portraits for one of four exhibitions in 2010. What attracts me to these pieces is the amount of layering and overlapping patterns, contributing to a kind of visual nostalgia. The elements used in each of the pieces are extremely varied, from typography, handwriting, sketches, photographs, textures, and magazine illustrations or cut-outs. The self-portrait, “The Meninges,” (third down from the top) was purchased by the Municipal Art Collection of Montreuil, and will be presented in future exhibitions.


Isabelle Cochereau’s Website

2 responses to “Isabelle Cochereau”

  1. Claudia Bollmeyer says:

    Most wonderful and intriguing collage. Stunning!

  2. I LIKE PIC 3,4,7,8,12

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