Ingri Haraldsen

Euro-Orphans detail

Euro-Orphans I, pencil and collage, 33.5 x 23.5 cm

Ursula, pencil, 45.8 x 42 cm

Squirrel monkey, pencil and watercolor, 25 x 25cm

Batboy,pencil,  25.4 x 25.4cm

Saving Private Ryan, pencil 30 x 42.5 cm

Balloon me, mixed media, 42 x 59.4 cm

Hanging Around, pencil 15 x 15 cm

Orbit, pencil and collage 25.4 x 25.4 cm

Artist Statement 

Ingri Haraldsen is a 27 year old artist born in the north of Norway, at the moment living and working in Oslo.

I work mainly with drawing on paper as well as on walls. My practice is based around themes like the unknown, physically unreachable areas, our thoughts, the untold and the undescribed. I find some of my inspiration in the Norwegian folklore, science-fiction and surrealism. My drawings are usually produced impulsively and can sometimes be seen as series where the pieces are created based on each other, like a chain reaction.

Ingri Haraldsen’s Website

2 responses to “Ingri Haraldsen”

  1. AkaTako says:

    Very surreal drawings. All with an underlying darkness and other-worldliness to them. I like “Balloon me” very much.

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