Grant Miller

untitled (TL-192) 

untitled (EYO-937)

untitled (63)

untitled (65)

untitled (2)

untitled (64)

untitled (67) (diptych)

untitled (17)

Artist Statement

In Grant Miller’s most recent body of work he shows not only how we receive various influences, but also how information effortlessly moves through space and time to affect society in our everyday existence. The culmination of these forces is a common occurrence. The work portrays this culmination of forces and shows how the resulting image reflects a moment of clarity in our lives, which is what we understand as reality. Miller’s work reflects complexities of society and acknowledges the influx of information and multiple viewpoints being processed simultaneously. The landscape of society is full of checks and balances with few black and whites. The most interesting factors are very seldom the single events, but observing where and how the events overlap, accumulate and reoccur.

The process of constructing Miller’s paintings mirrors the construction of history, and furthermore the natural process of editing and gathering information. He starts with architectural interiors, symbols, and marks. Once these marks are laid, he continues to react to the previous information. For every action there is a reaction. He uses a combination of structure and a vocabulary that is inherent to painting as elements to formally define space. Much, if not all of the early information is completely covered, and the viewer is left with a painting that has been continually built upon the previous action or mark thus mirroring the construction of history. The path to the present may not always be known. In history as in these paintings you can see through to some of the early influences, while some are completely invisible but necessary to the finality of each piece.

Grant Miller’s Website

Grant Miller at Byron Cohen Gallery

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