Grant Hamilton

From Interview:

What kinds of things inspire you?

I’m inspired by pretty things. I know that sounds silly but I like to look at, and shoot, things that make my eyes feel good.

How long have you been doing photography?

I think I’ve always had some level of interest. Long before I was a “photographer,” I remember trying to make more than just snapshots while on vacation. It wasn’t really a passion until 2005 or so. I bought my first SX-70 in January of 2006.

When did you get into the clean, color Polaroid stuff?

It wasn’t long after I bought my first SX-70 that I started finding abstract details to shoot. Initially, they were more recognizable and now they are mostly blocks of color.

Where do you shoot?

Wherever I am. I’ve nearly exhausted the subject matter in my small town but it’s always a treat to travel and find different buses or signs or whatever. -Porch of the Mystics, Nov.29, 2008 (read more)

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