Gianluca Giarrizzo

Studia 4-22, pen & ink on paper,  24 x 18in, 2022

Studia 5-5, pen & ink, acrylic on paper,  14 x 11 in, 2022

Not a Boxer, pen & ink on paper, 11×8.5in, 2020

Dress Shirt No.1, pen & ink, acrylic, on paper, 14x11in, 2020

Studia 4-21, pen & ink, marker on paper, 12×9, 2019

Studia, 3-21, pen & ink, marker, acrylic on paper, 30×22, 2020

Studia 11-13, pen & ink, marker on paper, 12 x 9, 2019

Pensiero, fired-clay, 7×2.5×2.5in, 2020

The Bullfighter, pen & ink, acrylic on paper, 24x18in, 2020

Studia 4-23, Pen & ink on paper, 14x11in, 2022

Studia 2-21, pen & ink on paper, 14x11in, 2021

Crema I, Carrara Marble, 47x18x12in, 2019

Studia 3-4, pen & ink, marker, acrylic wash on paper, 24x18in, 2020

Artist Statement

My love of the figure started young, growing up around figurative artists, and was inspired by a family appreciation for the Italian Renaissance. This grew into a lifelong passion, leading me to a deep exploration of the figure as a vehicle for interpretation. 

I am interested in aesthetics and the balance of mood within my work. Translating these emotions into form relies on pulling from my experience of self-reflection and the hands-on creation of work. I prefer to move through each composition as intuitively as possible, moving with less planning and more reacting. 

This process, working without a model and carving the figure directly in stone, guides the finished work, allowing me to experience excitement, tension, uncertainty, and an embracing of the unknown.

About the Artist

Gianluca Giarrizzo is a figurative sculptor and draughtsman. His mediums are primarily marble, along with bronze casting, pen and ink, and graphite drawings. He received his BA in Studio Art and Philosophy from Lewis and Clark College and an MFA from the New York Academy of Art in Sculpture and Anatomy. Additionally, he spends time in Italy studying stone carving and drawing.

Giarrizzo has lectured and taught drawing and sculpture at various institutions, including The East Harlem School, Fleisher Art Memorial, Josephy Center for Arts and Culture, and The Buffalo Bill Center of the West Museum. Since 2019, he has worked alongside sculptor Chad Fisher, of Fisher Sculpture LLC, casting large-scale figurative bronze monuments. Currently, he continues teaching at the New York Academy of Art and the New York Fashion Institute of Technology. 

Giarrizzo is an elected member of the National Sculpture Society and has received various awards and residencies including the New York Academy of Art and ABC Stone’s Merit Award Scholarship for a Stone Carving Residency (Carrara, Italy), the Bill and Sharon Jacob Award for Outstanding Ability in Sculpture (Carrara, Italy), Gallery Demonstrator at the Whitney Western Art Museum, and the Sculpture Scholar Award by the New York Academy of Art. Giarrizzo has work in private collections across the U.S. and has been exhibited in auctions, galleries, and museum shows nationally.

Gianluca Giarrizzo’s Website

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