Gail Nadeau

No Moon in the Eastern Sky

She’s Disappearing

The Soft White Dress and Bouquet

The White Dove

Almost Midnight

Drawing A

Velvet Dress for Olivia

Note: The artist’s original collages are 16″ x 20″; they can be printed archival in any size. Her Dresses are all 4″ x 4.25″ and also can be printed in any size.

Artist Statement

On a summer afternoon in 1992, my eye caught an etching on a wall and a christening gown hanging near a window to dry. I placed a yellow bowl of dry carnations beneath the etching and photographed a still life. Seventeen years later, I scanned that image into my computer and began altering it. Thereafter, I was caught up in a world of ideas based on a theme.

Many hundreds of times since that day I have continued to alter my images, using them to tell my stories. I use my original formula — a dress, a window, a floral arrangement — as the foundation for experiences of love, hate, sorrow, and loss; to remember people I know, have known, and have loved; and as a way to manage the external world, those things over which I have no control.

About the Artist

Gail Nadeau grew up with her older brother and younger sister on her grandfather’s farm in Voorheesville, New York. Currently, she lives in a suburban area between Albany and Voorheesville.

Gail Nadeau is best known for her photography and mixed media work: her Dollhouse photographic series, based on her life on the farm and her relationships with her brother and sister; 100 Angels, small over-painted photographs; Black Velvet, White Velvet, manipulated prints depicting women; and Notebook, enlarged, re-worked images originally collaged in a watercolor notebook.

Gail Nadeau is the recipient of a Center for Photography at Woodstock Fellowship (for her series Dollhouse). In 2018, she collaborated with writer L.L. Barkat to produce the illustrations for The Golden Dress (T.S. Poetry Press, May 15, 2018), a fairy tale.

Center for Photography at Woodstock

Read Megan Willome’s interview with Gail Nadeau, “Secrets of The Golden Dress,” Tweetspeak Poetry, June 15, 2018.

Animation of The Golden Dress

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