Frederik Akum

Artist Statement

The battery my work feeds on is changed by the familiar: friends, music, escapades, the route to the school, the train heading home and the daily image feeds. I soak up the influences like a napkin, without the feeling of being suffocated by boundaries; everything is permitted and nothing is sacred. It all comes together in the pictures from the persona;. stolen and subconscious, archive. Image fragments merge into new images, sounds become forms, titles compliment the work and each field becomes a playground.

The subject of collage has always interested me, how to cut a piece of someone else’s work and paste it into your own work. My production has been mimicking this expression, without scissors and glue. The remixed result from the three archives also reaches a new level within re-contextualization.

I see my work as filter of perceived events and experiences, which are then shared. My inspirations give me something, so I want to give something back through distribution. Distribution includes the internet, printed matter, and exhibitions. In this situation, I am interested in how these platforms  have different functions and how they affect my work. On how they open up for both interpretation and appropriation, how the work is spoken about or reflected around. Here the discussion of images, materials or process also continues and produces conversation.

I value my work in the same way that I value any reproduction, photo, youtube clip or newspaper. It’s not a question of high and low; rather it is a question of what is interesting and what makes something stand out from the rest. What makes you stop and image flow from the rest. What makes an image flow of three hundred pictures, to look at just one?

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  1. rebecca gladstone says:

    Great work, love it.

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