Franklin Evans

The above work by Franklin Evans from 2009, entitled throughfriedrichsfuture, is composed of acrylic, painted tape, tape, thread and watercolor on paper. We are looking at a wall with all of these elements chaotically assembled, and yet the colors and lines bring out a definite harmony.

lookbackstage, also created in 2009, makes use of painted tape, thread, wood and text, and differs from the first work in its three-dimensional qualities. We can see through the painted tape into another space, as well as the work itself encompassing various planes (or walls).

lookbackatfriedrichspast is a work on paper. The complexity that Evans is able to create with only watercolor and ink on paper attests to the artist’s keen eye for perspective.

Katharine Mulherin Projects, where Evans has exhibited before, writes about the artist: “Using ink and watercolor, Franklin Evans creates imagined worlds where color, perspective, shape and scale develop their own logic. Meandering paths make their way through elaborate and shifting spaces, incorporating birds, figures and various structures.”

Franklin Evans at Katharine Mulherin Contemporary

Franklin Evans at the Sue Scott Gallery

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