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Artist Bio

Fabian Scheffold (1966) and István Vizner (1965) have shared a passion for the visionary since first forming their creative partnership over thirteen years ago. What began as doing laid-back projects, developed over the years into a model of fine tuned and well-rehearsed teamwork that utilizes their combined knowledge and experience of over 40 years in the industry. Fusing creativity, photography and graphic-illustration maximizes these two unique creatives‘ abilities into a very strong team at shootings, as well utilizing their post production skills as an effective, complimentary tool. To Fabian and István it is not important who did what — it‘s more important to clarify the creative goals and provide an atmosphere in which a constructive debate can take place to bring their project to a level that pushes their individual boundaries and exceeds their clients‘ expectations. This ceaseless quest for technical and artistic challenges allowed them to be among the first photographers worldwide using CGI in their artwork. (bio)

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