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Artist Bio

Spanish photographer Eugenio Recuenco is revered as one of the best fashion photographers of our time. His work is creative, technically irreproachable and visually stunning. It’s no wonder he is one the most sought after artists by the biggest ad agencies to take the pictures for the campaigns of some of the most widely known brands in high fashion. (obvious)

From Interview:

I use many things as inspiration, one of them are the classical paintings. They are dramatic, histrionic, and all the volumes they get with the use of the lighting. A light that is so far from the modern sophistications of the photographic studios. If you analyze carefully those paintings, the light is so simple, but perfect at the same time. (Bak Magazine)

Eugenio Recuenco’s Website

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  1. I love your stuff and would be really grateful if I could use an image or two for inspiration! Keep up the great work! Be Inspired Today! Love and Light, Sender

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