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From Article:

Ernesto Caivano’s meticulously detailed ink drawings suggest a similar fantastic world of apparent congruity, lying just out of reach. A romantic narrative of great scope underpins his practice, but, like artefacts of some lost culture, the drawings themselves mostly resist our efforts to decipher the story. Having already become lost in the formal beauty of Caivano’s line and composition, it is hard to worry too much about what we may be missing. We encounter an enigmatic cacophony of source material that has been woven into his fairy tale, including early Modernist abstraction, Asian screen painting and prints, archaeology, Art Nouveau ornament, information technology, molecular physics, fractal geometrics and, most prominently, European medieval and Renaissance literature. Working without any specific internal chronology, Caivano switches between depicting specific moments in the story and references to its greater cosmology. (Frieze Magazine)

Ernesto Caivano at Richard Heller Gallery

Ernesto Caivano at Guild & Greyshkul

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