Enrico Baj (1924-2003)

Punchme General (1972), Lithograph via Art Net

Sophie Rostopchine Contessa di Segur (1974), Etching via Art Net

Ripensamento “Reflection”, Oil on canvas via Art Net

I coniugi Arnolfini – La coppia (1976), collage, medals, and acrylic on fabric via Art Net

Le plus beau du quartier (1988), Oil on heavy paper reported on canvas via Art Net

Parta a Sei (1964), oil, collage, cotton wadding, upholstery via Friedrich Pretzel

Artist Bio:

Artist, attorney, ironist, writer, sharp critic, and political dissenter, Enrico Baj brought an urgent, refreshing and unique voice to the art of his time. In 1951 he founded the Movimento d’Arte Nucleare (the Nuclear Art Movement, or Art for the Nuclear Age) with Sergio Dangelo whose manifesto stated that its members “desire to demolish all the ‘isms’ of painting that inevitably lapses into academicism, whatever their origins may be.” Baj took inspiration from the most radical notion of Surrealism (he joined the COBRA Group in the late 1940s), adhered to Ubu’s sardonic and rocambolesque spirit and André Breton (in Le Surréalisme et la peinture) claimed him for his movement. His work was acclaimed by Gillo Dorfles as kitsch pioneer and embraced by artists like Asger Jorn, Marcel Duchamp and Max Ernst. Baj’s work reflected a necessity for continuous re-evaluation and renovation in which the experimental process took precedent over the realized objects. (via Freidrich Pretzel)

Enrico Baj’s Facebook Fan Page

Thanks to Carmelita for finding this artist!

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