Emiliano Ponzi

EscapeIntoLife_EPonzi1Red Carpet Ego, 2012, for Le Monde

EscapeIntoLife_EPonzi2Western Civilization, our future?, 2011,  for The Boston Globe

EscapeIntoLife_EmilianoPonzi3The Role of Art Critics, 2012, for La Repubblica


Unfair Justice (release of Obie Anthony), 2011, for LMU magazine


Death of PostModernism: What’s Next? 2011, for La Repubblica

EscapeIntoLife_EPonzi6The Right Place for Bad Books, 2012, for La Repubblica

EscapeIntoLove_EPonzi7Love Wins, 2012, for Le Monde

EscapeIntoLife-EmilianoPonzi8Elvis Has Left The Building, 2011,  for EMI Music

EscapeIntoLife_EmilianoPonzi0The King is Dead, 2011, for Le Monde

EscapeIntoLife_EPonzi10Evil Apple Core, 2011, for EMI Music

About Emiliano Ponzi

Based in Milan, Italy, Emiliano’s lush brushstrokes create contemporary scenes with unique personalities. His painterly style pops with color and vitality and his work has appeared in magazines, advertising, publishing, children’s books, posters, newspapers, exibitions.

His clients include The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Time UK, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, Newsweek, Businessweek, The Boston Globe, Le Monde, The Atlantic Monthly, Saatchi & Saatchi New York, American Express, Penguin books, United Airlines, Sports illustrated, and in Italy, Corriere della sera, Sole 24 ore, Feltrinelli, Triennale design Museum, Mondadori, Rolling Stone magazine.

Although just 33  (b. December 30, 1978), Emiliano has won numerous awards and is recognized as a major talent in Italy’s editorial marketplace.

About the Artist

Every once and a while you come across an artist who makes you want to jump up and down with excitement. Someone overflowing with ideas that are smart, sophisticated and conceptually on point. An artist who’s able to convey the right amount of sensitivity and humor with the simplest stroke. Except for drinking american coffee, there is nothing this superstar can’t do. – Patty Alvarez (Newsweek)

Emiliano Ponzi’s Website

Emiliano Ponzi Interview

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  3.  Thanks, glad you appreciate the work and my selection!

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