Emil Holmer

Reduce To Nothing, 250x180cm, 2010

Grow Hole, 250x180cm, 2010

Untitled, 230x180cm, 2010

Purpose, 300x200cm, 2010

Evacuating Star, 250x200cm, 2010

Electric Birth, 280x190cm, 2010

Primitive Claim, 250x180cm, 2010

Teleprompter, 200x280cm, 2009

“Holmer’s artistic practice operates between the poles of two aesthetic traditions that the history of modern painting tends to think of as adversaries. While playing with a ready-made language dressed up in street graffiti style, he simultaneously mobilizes a painterly rhetoric that is decisively subjective and abstract. And as he follows an artistic tradition that, spanning Surrealism, Pop Art and today’s avant-garde, seeks to reproduce and illustrate certain mechanical conditions of production, he also practices a form of expressionist painting that, since its advent in the early 20th century, has been linked to the concept of a self-determined subject. The relevance of Holmer’s painting is located in the way it aligns the here and now with the aesthetic past, how it simulates the end of the world while simultaneously breaking through into a future – and thus delivering a method for renovating the present. ” –Iris Mickein

Emil Holmer’s Website

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