Duane Hosein and Anthony Mangicapra

About this Work:

The season surrounding the equinox is a time where darkness and light have equal times to co-exist. Artist’s Duane Hosein and Anthony Mangicapra have taken the charge and created an exhibition worthy of this time of change and hope. Above and Below is an exhibition where each artist has researched the underlying concepts of heaven and hell and put those ideas to canvas, paper, and music.

Trinidad born Florida artist Duane Hosein’s pen and ink works are a testament to his mastery and control. “I approach every piece with the fervor of an iron-fisted dictator” Hosein admits, “It is all about the detail. It is tedious, but therapeutic”. His work for Above and Below is the culmination of research into different religious and cultural interpretations of hell and the creatures and experiences that inhabit the demonic region.

New York artist Anthony Mangicapra’s canvases are dedicated to the heavens for this exhibition. After extensive research into canonical, occult, theosophical, and ancient texts, Mangicapra’s works portray the divine as no other artist could capture. “I want to create beauty” Mangicapra says, “but I can’t control that. I am just a conduit for ideas”.

Duane Hosein and Anthony Mangicapra on Flickr

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