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About the Artist

The Artist currently known as Devin McGrath is a modest man. Eschewing such terms as “genius” and “one-man cultural zeitgeist”, he has forged an artistic career that is the envy of his entire family. Compared by some critics to those elephants who have been trained to hold a paintbrush, his style is unmistakable and inimitable. With the artistic impulse flowing through his veins like hepatitis, Devin McGrath’s illustrations tell us of a man, with a keen eye; perhaps even two keen eyes and a skilled hand. It is, paradoxically, with this freakish and presumably hideous hand covered in eyes that he searches for the inherent beauty in everyday circumstance.

McGrath has been described by Margaret Thatcher as “that guy hiding in my garden”, and by the us government as a “person of interest”. High praise indeed for someone so new to the
illustration scene. Devin McGrath currently has two children, and wants $500, 000, or else…

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