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Artist Statement

My work explores human behavior through the use of fantasy play with figurative sculptures such as dolls, masks and full-body wearable sculptures. (This repertoire will soon expand to include virtual figures as well.) I make these sculptures, employ performers to play with the sculptures, and capture the resulting role-playing games. Though performance and sculpture are part of the process, the final manifestation of the work is video, photography and/or drawing. The driving question is this: what do games of make-believe, like the ones I create in my work or the ones created in multi-user online games or elsewhere, tell us about human behavior in the ‘real’ world? Stated differently, what can we recognize about ourselves (our desires, our behaviors, our values,etc) by peering into alternate fantasy worldscapes.

Desiree Holman’s Website

Desiree Holman at the Hammer Museum

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