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About Denise Fort’s Artwork:

The Artwork of Denise Fort is mainly influenced by the last couple of years studying and working as an Industrial Designer. She believes that every little job she has done in her life, from sanding natural wood until decorating showrooms with expensive furniture’s and accessories helps her today to find the aesthetic in every single illustration she is drawing. Her style is the result of developing and playing with new shapes. Her approach is to abstract human architecture and products of the nature. You will not find any human or living being in her drawings but with an opened mind you will be able to find many friendly characters beyond a shallow view. As Denise loves it to keep her brain busy with 3 dimensional exercise she is drawing her illustrations in a 3D style and further she adapts them on real products with the challenge to try as many different surfaces as she can find in her surrounding. Besides the shear fun of drawing on cars, walls, guitars etc. she loves the idea to spread her artwork over the whole world. People are able to use her artwork and most important, by seeing her artwork in public she is able to reach everybody even those who would probably never go to any art exhibition in their whole life! …..and Denise draws free hand…without any fronting! (Behance Network)

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