Delilah Jones


Artist Bio

Delilah Jones is a 23-year-old photographer, collage artist, and poet who now lives in Portland via New York. Her goal? “Trying to make art a reality, infecting minds, hearts, and spirits alike with wondrous and absurd creations in these times of uncertainty and splendor.” She has most definitely infected my mind, and I look forward to see how she grows as an artist. I asked her to send me an artist statement, and she did. I have to say, it’s more of a poem than a statement. It’s unique and different, in the best of ways, as is Delilah and her work.(Serial\Optimist)

Jones also started a collaboration project with EIL artist Jesse Treece called ICE CREAM KINGDOMS, a book of collages from about 28 other collage artists.

Delilah Jones in the Escape into Life Arts Store

Delilah Jones’s Behance 

Delilah Jones’s Tumblr

Delilah Jones’s Interview

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