David Fullarton

Artist Bio

To create his vibrant and humorous paintings, David Fullarton mines the notebooks he has filled with odd words, catch phrases, numbered parking lot receipts, warnings, and instructions in foreign languages. Collaging text, numbers, and images onto brightly colored grounds, Fullarton delights in lifting phrases and images from their contexts and placing them in new surroundings that amend and redirect their meaning. With decidedly adult humor, the work celebrates the strangeness of daily life, memorializes events from his own past, and gently mocks common human foibles.

The casual freedom of Fullarton’s compositions belie his formal graphic training and background in illustration and advertising copywriting. Fullarton attended art college in his native Edinburgh and worked for ad agencies in Scotland before moving to the Bay Area in 1995. His father is an architect, his mother a Secretary for the Scottish Women’s Aid Society, and, he notes with a characteristic twinkle in his eye, his grandfather was a professional gravedigger.

Fullarton lives in San Francisco with his wife Lisa and their two children. HANG is the first American gallery to show his work. (HANG ART)

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