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David Fullam uses pastel, oil pastel, and oil stick on paper to create expressive drawings that depict swamps, fields, lakes, and mountains. Far from tranquil, his landscapes fairly tremble with life and the excitement of what the next gust of wind may bring. Fullam writes: “Each drawing in the end becomes a reinvented world in which I explore that presence as I try to understand what it is that I find so evocative and provocative in each place and moment.” First exhibited as a realist painter in the mid 1980’s, Fullam has guided his imagery from urban to rural, inspired by the rugged landscapes of New England. David Fullam received his MFA from the Syracuse School of Fine Arts and his BFA from the Washington University School of Fine Arts, St. Louis. He has had solo shows at Manchester Institute of Arts and Sciences, Nashua Arts & Science Center, and the Schenectady Museum. He has been included in shows at DeCordova Museum, Currier Gallery of Art, and Fitchburg Art Museum.

David Fullam at Clark Gallery

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  1. Fogartybern says:

    David I love your work.  What drew me to you “EXCUSE PUN” – is your name.
    My name is Deirdre Fullam (I live in Ireland)  – and I bet you have irish roots. Prior to that perhaps in Fulham, England, Normandy in Franch and a norse viking in Denmark.  It’s only a journey of about 1000 years. How’s that for some inspiration for you !

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