Danni Xi

escapeintolife_dannixi1Han Dynasty Inspiration

escapeintolife_DanniXi2The Well and Me

escapeintolife_DanniXi3Street Lights Ahead

escapeintolife_DanniXi4Going to Work

escapeintolife_DanniXi5Ding Ding is Finished

escapeintolife_DanniXi6Hello Giacometti

EscapeIntoLife_DanniXi7Off Work

EscapeIntoLife_DanniXi8A Hungry Kitten



* All Paper Collages are 30 x 21 cm

Artist Statement

The paper collages were made in the last two years. They speak of the people and life around me. I strive to convey the stages and inspirations of my life for all those who view the works in this exhibition.

About the Artist

Chinese contemporary artist, Danni Xi, lives and works in Beijing. As a full-time artist, Xi enjoys a growing reputation, through numerous exhibitions throughout China as well as a rare opportunity to exhibit in Cairo, Egypt.

Xi’s training began in 1997 at the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Following her four year speciality in fine art, she mastered in contemporary fine art.

Xi’s inspiration flows through her interest and connection with history and culture. Xi keenly observes human nature through philosophy, extensive travel, cultural changes and the interaction of people around her.

As an artist she absorbs today’s society with the wisdom of the past.

Danni Xi’s Website

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