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Contemporary artist Daniel Biddy creates mixed media works that incorporate elements of collage, oil painting and drawing to examine human conditions and interactions as well as spiritual, psychological and emotional states. A native Atlantan, Biddy earned his BFA at Atlanta College of Art in 1999 where he concentrated on drawing and painting and has been actively refining and knowingly submitting to his individual technique ever since. Biddy’s work has been included in group shows at Stanton Place in New York, New York (2001), Doog Gallery, Atlanta (2005) and the Swan Coach House, Atlanta “Small Things Mean A Lot” (2007). He has also had solo shows at Gallery 100, Atlanta (1999), Gravity Public Gallery, Atlanta (2004) and eleven fifty, Atlanta (2006).

Biddy describes the technique for his highly recognizable artwork as “observation, due deliberation and meditation.” As for the artist’s process, Biddy spends much of his time collecting materials, selecting, eliminating and assembling for maximum visual impact. Beginning with the blank canvas, he makes a mark, places an image or creates a color field. “Engaging the blank canvas is the opening remark in a conversation,” he explains. “Each subsequent addition or subtraction to the composition is a response to the previous. My tools of ‘language’ are line, color and collected images from printed media.”

His works, often very large and abstract conceptual pieces, can explode from the canvas, but they also draw the viewer in, into Biddy’s monstrous, vague and interminable philosophic inquiry. “The human condition, personal interactions and psychologies, the realms of spirituality, emotion and thought are fathomless ports of entry and discovery,” Biddy states. “Inner space is vast.” And the visual impact is extreme.

Biddy’s most recent body of work expands on his longtime look inward. One piece might include a semi-truck bursting into real space juxtaposed with Biblical figures and the cosmos. Another could feature dinosaurs and masked horsemen rampaging a library. In each, time and space are compressed into an everlasting conversation. Thus, Biddy’s finished pieces are not conclusive statements about themes, even while they are sometimes allegorical. Rather, the works are an attempt to develop an open-ended impression or sentiment about each of our inner dialogues.

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Daniel Biddy at the Barbara Archer Gallery

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  1. gregorylent says:

    way way overstated art hype for totally generic collages ..

  2. Chris says:

    I think the kitsch is intended, but I see where you're coming from

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