Dan Speight ‘The Soft City’

Lower Marsh series

Lower Marsh series (detail)

Lower Marsh series

Lower Marsh series (detail) 

Lower Marsh series (detail)

Lower Marsh series

Lower Marsh series (detail)

Towers of London series (Elizabeth Tower,”Big Ben”)

Towers of London series (30 St Mary Axe, “the Gherkin”)

About The Artist 

‘The Soft City’ is Daniel Speight, a graphic artist based in East London.

Daniel has a Bachelor of Arts in Printmaking from University of Wales (2001) and moved to London to study his Master of Arts in Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Art (2008).

He is captivated by the inspiring street design and historic geographies of London. His design process involves using design software with printmaking, connecting his skills as a designer with his fascination that, quite simply, anything flat can be printed on.

Reusing existing objects and recycling materials is an integral part of the Soft City’s work.

The Soft City recycles common materials such as old wood and books into art, respectfully attempting to reveal the personality of often well worn objects with design. The aim is to create layered, meaningful pieces of work and a new connection with the materials around us.

About Book Block

‘Book Block’ is Daniel’s latest line of hand crafted, recycled and original work.

Book Block is a new form of hand crafted screenprinting on books either abandoned or destined to be pulped, transforming old reading material into detailed three dimensional art.

The project is a timely celebration of the unique architecture of London’s streets, the prints depicting a variety of the capital’s buildings; from world renowned iconic landmarks to lesser known corners of London such as the vibrant Lower Marsh, tucked behind Waterloo station.

Amidst the digital revolution, there is an uncertain future for the once much cherished and celebrated book. Daniel taps into the book’s material possibilities with ‘Book Block’ as well as highlighting the aesthetic charm of the treasured bookshelf.

The Soft City’s Website

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