Dan-Ah Kim

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These I steal for you, 2009


Our Unspoken Rivalry, 2009


Just A Glimpse, 2009


Findings of A Voyager, 2008


When the World Sleeps, 2008


Stars Under My Control, 2009


Seek Me, 2008


The Stars Are Against Me Tonight, 2008

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Unwanted Visits, 2010

From an Interview with the Artist

For mixed media pieces I usually choose papers for color and texture, then base the rest of the piece off of that scheme.
I try out color palettes, layer the papers, cut them into shapes that provide as the set or landscape, the mood. Then comes the drawing and painting on top, adding the characters, and lastly I piece the story together with a needle and thread.
I love sewing it together at the end, adding that last detail- it feels like closure to the process. (Read more at Suite101)

About Dan-Ah Kim

Dan-ah Kim was born in Seoul, Korea but moved to Mexico and has spent time on both coasts of the U.S.A.

She attended Pratt Institute and continues to live and work in Brooklyn NY, dividing her time between making art and freelancing in film and television. Kim is drawn to the isolated experience of an illustrator as well as the chaotic and collaborative film environment, as it grants her a chance to work on her own narratives. (thinkspace)

Now living and working out of Brooklyn, Dan-Ah Kim is best known for her mixed media fine art.

Showing a love for the DIY crafts scene, Kim’s work often includes hand stitching, collage and other “homemade” elements. Much of her subject matter tends towards whimsical depictions of flight – kites, birds, arrows being shot – as well as storybook images of bustling downtowns and serene forests.

While having a modern feel akin to peers such as Amy Sol and Brandi Milne, Kim’s fine art shows a strong passion for classic children’s books, bringing to mind the “Noddy” series by Enid Blyton, or the “The Adventures Of Tintin” series by Herge.

Dan-Ah Kim has recently shown at Thinkspace, DvA Gallery, Giant Robot in both  SF and NY, as well as with a special Scion event. (Metropolis Gallery Flickr)

Dan-Ah Kim’s Website

Dan-Ah Kim’s Blog

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