Daehyun Kim, aka Moonassi

escapeintolife_moonassi1Sleepless Days, 2009

escapeintolife_moonassi2A Path, 2009

escapeintolife_moonassi3Weight of You, 2009

escapeintolife_moonassi4Tear Drop Competition, 2010

escapeintolife_moonassi5You’re Beyond You, 2009

escapeintolife_moonassi6In the Inner Inside, 2009

escapeintolife_moonassi7Song from a Different Level, 2009

escapeintolife_moonasii8Release, 2009

escapeintolife_moonissa9Example of Seeing Seeing, 2010


Let You Flow, 2009

*All works are 29.5 x 42 cm, marker and pen on paper

About Daehyun Kim

Dae Hyun Kim aka Moonassi, b. 1980,  studied Korean traditional painting at the College of Fine Arts, Hongik University. He  lives and works  in Seoul, South Korea.

Artist Statement

I draw something I’d like to draw and I can draw well. I draw people because that’s what I’d like to talk about. I prefer to draw in a small scale as I wish to capture my everyday thoughts and feelings during a limited time of the day. If I think I want to touch you my drawing reflects that thought. I draw an act that I’m upsetting you if I think I want to distress you.

The reason why these ephemeral and scattered thoughts are so significant for me is that I can see myself as a tiny fraction like those thoughts, and also I’m the collection of those fractions. I’m the mundane being, a sort of dust everywhere. I’m anyone or anything in anywhere. I want to sweep and gather all those tiny little fractions on paper so as not to be scattered.

Daehyun Kim’s Website

Daehyun Kim Show at Brain Factory

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