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Conrad Haberland was born in Maastricht, the Netherlands. He lived his teenage years in a poor working class section of Lowell, Mass. He moved to Los Angeles for eighteen years in 1989. There he exhibited his work at some of the area’s most prestigious galleries as well as at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. His work was commissioned by celebrities and collectors alike. He returned to Massachusetts with his wife Amy in 2006.

From an early age, Conrad watched his father, also an artist, paint. Emulating his dad, he began to draw in every free moment. His parents’ dual religious beliefs had a profound effect on his work. His mother a devout Catholic, with a strong belief in Indonesian folklore, summoned a witch doctor for one of Conrad’s childhood illnesses. His father is a Zen Buddhist. This juxtaposition of beliefs has borne out a unique untutored figurative style.

He played in local bands and traveled the world to see all the art he had only seen in books. “Seeing all that amazing art first hand was worth more than any art school could offer me.”

Conrad’s paintings present an enduring vision of beauty in humanity and nature while reflecting the instability and ambiguity of everyday. Conrad works in oils, acrylics, and digital medium.

His surrealist paintings vibrate with the strangeness of a colorful dream. His portraits are a meditation on a quiet moment face to face with the subject. They allow you to interact intimately with each subject. (Saatchi Online)

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