Christopher Mir

Christopher Mir received attention in the New York Times (Jan. 2009) as a promising emerging artist, thanks to a program called Radius: Professional Practice Series for Artists, sponsored by the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. The Aldrich Museum chose Mir and thirteen others for an exhibit featuring notable artists who had participated in the program. Mir has only seen success since then, with representation by the Chelsea gallery Rare, and the Yale University Art Gallery, which has purchased his work and exhibited it.

Mir’s paintings present a world populated by mythic figures, creatures, machines, and fragments of ambiguous forms. These elements are often positioned within idealized landscapes in dream-like circumstances. His paintings invite us to experience a series of paradoxical relationships and unsettling juxtapositions. Figures and landscapes are drawn from specific sources yet remain anonymous; his painting style is relatively tight and refined, but his works are emotionally evocative and resonant. Mir’s narratives are equally complex and replete with provocative dichotomies such as, the mystical versus the physical, the spiritual versus the secular, and the primal versus the futuristic.

Christopher Mir’s Website

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