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Artist Statement

Hello, my name is Cheri Scholten. I am an illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia.

My passion is creating. I enjoy day dreaming, gazing and analyzing what comes before me. I can lay in bed and look up at the ceiling and create a world that would someday come to life on paper. I feel very lucky to do something I really love. I’ve always had many interests and no matter what I would find myself in front of the desk planning. Growing up in Japan also had a big effect on viewing things. It gave me a very different perspective on life.

My first job in the art industry was with a production group in Japan dealing with theater and TV. I was involved behind the scenes creating backdrops and other illustrative work. After three years there I moved to Australia with my husband. I am currently working my way into children’s book illustrations which is now my major goal. (bio)

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