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Artist Statement

My name is Charles R. Ott, Jr. and I am an emerging pen & ink illustrator. I was born January, 1973 in the city of Frankfurt Am-Main, West Germany during my father’s service with the U.S. Army. For most of my life, I was raised in Baden, Pa., a small town located north of the city of Pittsburgh. I aspire to become renowned as one of Pittsburgh’s distinguished illustrators of the 21st century.

My unique talent specializes in creating intricately detailed illustrations by hand, which capture Pittsburgh’s prominent landmarks and architecture. I began drawing around the age of seven and over nearly thirty years have amassed a magnificent portfolio. I approach my skill with that of a Pittsburgher “blue-collar” work ethic and it is the passion for doing what I love that is a constant driving force. I have received numerous awards and accolades for my illustrations both regionally and nationally, most notably from former President William J. Clinton. Pittsburgh’s rich history, diverse architecture and scenic landscapes serve as key influences behind my craftsmanship.

It is my hope that the illustrations that I have created will allow people to reminisce and to reflect on personal places and experiences of their lives. The illustrations make appropriate gifts for college graduations, retirements, birthdays or that Pittsburgh sports enthusiast. The artwork would ideally complement your home, office or sports game room. I can custom design an original illustration of your home, family business or that lighthouse from a cherished vacation memory. These types of gifts evoke a personal emotion and make for a great house-warming gift. I thank you and welcome you to check back periodically as new illustrations continue to be produced. Tell your family, friends and neighbors from Pittsburgh and abroad about the website.

I would foremost like to thank my parents, Charles & Susan Ott, my family, relatives, friends and the public for their ongoing support and positive encouragement through the years.

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  1. Jacx says:

    I like your work and i can appreciate the great deal of effort and attention to detail pen and ink art takes, specially when the subject is arquitecture

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