Charles Clary

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How did you come up with the idea for creating your hand cut paper installations? What inspires you?

It took a while to come up with this concept. When I started graduate school I was primarily making paintings that were based on this microscopic viral world. I was forcing them a bit so they weren’t coming out like I wanted them to. I kinda got stuck until I was awarded a studio in New York for a quarter. While I was there I decided to play around with materials and break away from the 2-dimensional format, because it was becoming a little to restrictive. I hit up as many art stores as I could and happened to stumble upon the paper I use today. I had played around with cut outs before and thought it might translate well with the imagery that I was using and after two years its kinda just evolved into what I’m currently working on. There’s so much that inspires me: music primarily (any genre), microscopic or electron microscope images of whatever, computer generated sound waves, architectural model’s the list goes on and on.

Is there anything special about the paper you used to create these pieces?

Yes. The paper I use is made by a company called Bazzil. They make paper primarily for the scrapbooking industry. The reason I chose this paper is because the company produces over 500 different colors it’s extremely good with light fastness, the paper is also of a very heavy weight and comes in multiple texture patterns. (design milk)

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