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Artist Bio

Chad Kouri spends most of his time in alleys looking for treasures to build out his found-art collages and illustrations. The rest of his time is spent writing emails to people he has never met and other things to pass the day.

From Interview:

How long have you been creating collages and what made you start?

I have been doing collages casually for years. The thing that really made me develop a style and come to terms with it as an art form and not just something I did for myself was a color theory teacher I had in college. He pushed everyone in the class to explore color and composition in whatever medium we wanted. Once he saw my collage stuff he loved it. He made me start thinking about it as finished pieces rather than random explorations. Before then most of my teachers didn’t consider it an art and that really pissed me off. I really wanted to prove them wrong but didn’t really know how to. So that was a huge influence as well. I think people telling me I can’t do something helps more than someone being totally supportive. I know… it’s weird.  (NOTPAPER)

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    your work is outstanding! it's our pleasure . . .

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