Carmen Mazaira

Artist Bio

Carmen Mazaira was born in Orense, Galicia, Spain in 1973.

In her projects and in her work, in general, she tries to focus on conceptual development as the main tool to obtain new signifiers out of new signifieds. She tries to understand the meaning of being a user today, a space user, leaving aside the language of memory. She searches for new forms of “expression” observing and understanding the new ways of being and living from a holistic approach in order to investigate and create new architectural spaces taking as a starting point a new way to understand the “person”, revealing new bodies and, hence, new spaces.

How can we create a spatial-material integration, a continuous space, another reality beyond physical reality, yet, enclosed in it? How can we get rid of the barrier between the internal and the external “body” and between “body” and space taking both of them as a whole? How can we figure out that everything forms and deforms “matter” in order to form part of a series of subsequent changing spaces?

All her projects involve research in the area of innovation at the same time: technology and environment, technical objects and landscapes, innovation and production, research and viability, individual and collective space. Bringing together, spatially, the dichotomy “landscape and technology” as two states co-existing in a single object. As if an innovating object (“body”, space) would summarise in its design the different controversies, being both a preservative object (memory) and an innovative one, coexisting.

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