Carlito Dalceggio

Portrait of Jean Michael Basquiat, 2011, mounted cardboard pieces on wood, acrylic, 120 x 60 cm

Shamanic Pinball, 2011, acrylic and ink on canvas, 80 x 100 cm

A Boca do Vulcao, 2011, acrylic, ink, leaves on canvas, 110 x 160 cm

Pearl Divers Full Moon Association, 2011, cut cardboard mounted on wood, 84 x 36 in.

Resistance and Compassion, 2011, cut cardboard mounted on wood, 84 x 36 in.

Children of Dugong, Door of Perception series #1, 2011, ink and acrylic on paper, 100 x 60 cm

Visionary Ecstasy of the Magical Compassion ( Alto Paraiso  version ), 2011, collage, ink, acrylic, leaves and gold-leafing on canvas, 244 x 152 cm

Guernica Beauty Salon, 2011, acrylic, ink, cut cardboard mounted on wood, 84 x 36 in.

Artist Statement

By the act of painting, I transcend my human state. I search for other ways. I seek for a universal pattern, the ultimate strokes of freedom. I reach a visionary state and totally leave reality to give shape to another world.

I breathe to paint, I paint to breathe.
Art does not try to reproduce nature, art is nature.

Every painting is a key, a window to the inner world:

To live a mystic life in the modern world
Eroticism, freedom, seeking for new ways
I paint an imaginary mythology, in a constant research of new forms, new techniques and new medias.

From the ancient calligraphy, seeking for a new iconography, an alchemic and modern wedding of sacred iconography with vernacular symbols of consumerism, giving new senses to archetypes. It is the deconstruction of the known world to rebuild a free world. Art = Science and intuition.

Art is a multi-media existence laboratory; the exchange and collaborations between artists of different medias push the limits and create a new language. Technology becomes a tool for the concretization of the vision. I always want to gather strong opposite creative souls from different cultures together (Secret Silk Society: a creative laboratory of research to bring back mysticism into modern life).

Tribal art, street art, guerilla art influenced, and propaganda, spreading the vision out of the gallery walls: posters, walls, films, happenings… My art is a bridge to the consciousness of humanity, where communication is vital, open. A channel. My art is an imaginary propaganda for an unknown kingdom, a parallel universe outside reality.

With my extensive painting travels and live performances, I provoke the encounter with the viewer at the moment of creation, transforming the ritual of creation. Painting is a liberating act for the artist and also for the viewer. Transforming the vision into reality should be a tactile and emotional experience for the viewer. A sensual relation with the medium, an emotion.

I paint Labyrinths of dreams and visions. I rewrite myths and legends. I capture their essence to transmit an invisible but tactile knowledge. I am a Descendant of the Avant-garde and cobra movements: art without limits, everywhere at every moment. Expression of the irrational. A fragile balance between excess and purity: art as a way of life, constant ritual. Only in chaos can really exist freedom.

I paint the images we should dream of at night: before we were contaminated by modern life. My Art is a pure intuitive and spontaneous way of expression.  The desire to paint all objects of the daily life is to bring art to a higher level, in a constant interaction with our daily life; to bring beauty at all moments, to uplift the human existence.

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  1. frances rice says:

    Love your work Carlito! The pieces created with painted cardboard cut outs really wow me! Love all the layers and depth! Love the energy and movement! You are inspiring!

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