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What would you say your photography documents?

This is kind of a difficult question. It’s like asking a musician what his/her band sounds like, which is always tough to describe. And whether or not my work or art photography in general really “documents” anything is open for debate. I suppose I document the American landscape and culture and how it’s seen from the roadside, but there’s more to it than that. I document my own vision.

There seems to be a few religious references in some of your photos. Would you say that you’re religious person yourself?

No, I have no religious convictions whatsoever, but I’m nevertheless interested in how the cultural landscape is shaped by beliefs and how this manifests physically. Land, architecture, and everyday things can reveal a society’s faith, pride, work ethic, attitudes, and so on. In America, this is all greatly affected by Christianity, which covers the countryside like a giant blanket, and through photography I examine its influence. -Mossless, May 9, 2010 (read more)

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