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Brett graduated from the Academy of Arts in 2005 and has shown his work all over the country. In 2006 Brett along with five other artist published a book called ‘Convergence’ and had book signings in New York, Los Angeles and at the SFMOMA in San Francisco. Amory currently works as a graphic designer at an environmental company in San Francisco and continues to show his work in galleries across the country.

Speaking of, your recent ‘Waiting’ series (paintings featured in this post) is just stunning. What led to this series and inspired you to capture that moment of ‘waiting’?

Thank you. I started the ‘Waiting’ series in 2000. I was working in Emeryville and living in San Fran, so I was commuting via bart. I became really interested in how people looked in the morning especially on Monday after the weekend. I noticed how everyone seemed to be somewhere else, not at all in the present. I also started noticing a disconnect. The bart would be packed shoulder to shoulder but there would be no communication and minimal eye contact. Back then the series was all about bart and I was taking a more traditional approach to painting. It was more paint what I see or what the photograph detailed. I stopped the series in 2003 and experimented with a few different types of mediums and styles of painting. In the summer of 2007 I came back to the ‘Waiting’ series but it had evolved from all the experimenting I did. I started thinking more about what’s going on while we wait and why we do so much of it. I thought by stripping out the environment and replacing it with this over steralized graphic world it would come across as being more than just a guy waiting for the bus or someone sitting in traffic. (Sour Harvest)

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