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Blaine Fontana is a Portland, Oregon-based artist and designer.

Fontana was born in Seattle, Washington and raised on Bainbridge Island. He began his interest in art at a young age. During his teens he commuted to two High Schools in order to study graphic design, photography, sculpture and life drawing. After graduating in 1994, he pursued his education of life in the streets of Seattle and Portland as a Graffiti Artist. After about 4 years of being in and out of towns and community colleges, Fontana chose to attend Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles in 1998. Four years later Fontana left with a BFA in Communication Art/Design. During School he worked as an Art Director at a design firm, Abound LLC, and also as a Graphic Designer at a Fashion/Lifestyle Magazine, Metro Pop. Recently Fontana had worked as an Art Director at a young men’s apparel company, Drifter. In January 2003 he became self-employed as a fine artist and designer. After pursuing his career in LA for 9 years he has recently returned to his roots on Bainbridge Island, Washington.  (wikipedia)

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