Bayley Collins

untitled (two birds with bunny ears), collage

bunny mask 2010, collage

Pirate bird, collage


Deer Bird, collage


Bunny bird with bowtie, collage


Bird with big bow tie, collage

Bird in bunny costume No. 3, collage

birdinabunnysuit #3, collage



About Bayley Collins

After finishing my Bachelor of Visual Arts & Design I decided the best way to find my ‘dream job’ was to create it myself. So in 2009 I made my very first bird in a bunny suit. It was an owl’s head with a rabbit’s body (this is where the name bird in a bunny suit comes from). My work centers around small collages mixed with illustration, all inspired by collections of found images. I work in small collections usually based around one animal or idea.

Bayley Collin’s Website

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