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Artist’s Bio:

Internationally-renowned artist, illustrator and educator Barbara Nessim has been a vital contributor and influential trendsetter in the art world over the past several decades. With an extensive resume of accomplishments and a portfolio of work that go beyond one’s ability to mention, Barbara has always been visionary in her thinking, and unprecedented in her creativity.

Inspired by her mother, a clothing designer, Barbara put herself through college by supporting herself as a freelance fashion illustrator in the Garment Center. After receiving her education at Pratt Institute in the Department of Illustration and Fine Art, she was quickly recognized for the freshness and uniqueness of her work, and for being one of the few female freelance illustrators of her time. While she initially designed everything from shoes and apparel to textiles, Barbara ultimately became more selective in her creations, and more sophisticated in her style.

Barbara’s passion for her work and desire to continually bring more to her craft set the stage for what would become a long and illustrious career that greatly influenced other artists along the way. Over the years, her paintings and drawings in her distinctive signature avant-garde style have not only donned the walls of prominent museums and galleries, but have been part of numerous public and private collections around the globe. (Bio)

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